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    Our Products

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    1 Liter Nectars

    Dafruta Cashew Nectar

    Dafruta Passion Fruit Nectar

    Dafruta Mango Nectar

    Dafruta Guava Nectar

    Brazil Gourmet Premium Nectar

    • Flavors: Cashew, Passion Fruit, Mango and Guava
    • Size: 10.14oz (300ml)
    • Packaging: Glass Bottles
    • Gluten Free | Pasteurized | No Preservatives | No artificial colors or flavors

    Cashew Fruit

    Passion Fruit




    • Flavors: Cashew, Passion Fruit, Sour Sop (Guanabana), Mango and Guava
    • Size: 16.9oz (500ml)
    • Packaging: PET Bottles
    • Mixing: This is a concentrated juice to be mixed with water and sugar. Cashew and Passion Fruit make up to 1 gallon of juice. Sour Sop (Guanabana) makes up to ¾ of a gallon of juice. Mango and Guava make up to ½ gallon of juice
    • Gluten Free | Pasteurized | Kosher

    Dafruta Guanabana Concentrate

    Dafruta Cashew Concentrate

    Dafruta Passion Fruit Concentrate

    Dafruta Mango Concentrate

    Dafruta Guava Concentrate

    Carrot Blended Juices

    • Flavors: Carrot, Carrot/Mango, Carrot/Orange, Carrot/Peach, Carrot/Pineapple, Carrot/Pomegrante
    • Size: 25.36oz (750ml) and 10.14oz (300ml)
    • Packaging: Glass Bottles
    • Pasteurized | No Preservatives

    Peach Carrot

    Pomegranate Carrot

    Pineapple Carrot

    Mango Carrot

    Orange Carrot

    Carrot Nectar

    Guava Paste

    • Guava Paste, Guava Jelly and Guava Paste with No Added Sugar
    • Size: Guava Paste – 10.38oz (300g), Guava Jelly – 11.25oz (320g)
    • Packaging: Guava Paste – Plastic Film, Guava Jelly – Glass Bottle
    • Gluten Free | No Preservatives

    Guava Paste

    Guava Jelly

    Guava Paste with No Added Sugar

    Powdered Juice Mix

    • Flavors: Sour Sop (Guanabana), Passion Fruit, Lime
    • Size: 16oz (454g)
    • Packaging: Resealable Pouch

    Sour Sop (Guanabana)

    Passion Fruit


    Mango & Guava Nectars

    • Flavors: Mango and Guava
    • Size: 1 liter (33.8oz) and 8.45oz (240ml)
    • Packaging: Glass Bottle
    • Pasteurized | No Artificial Flavors

    Mango 8.45oz

    Mango 1 liter

    Guava 8.45oz

    Guava 1 liter

    Plantain Strips

    • Size: 12oz (340g)
    • Packaging: Plastic Bag

    Dafruta Plantain Strips

    Dafruta Plantain Strips Shipper

    Coconut Milk

    • Varieties: 12% fat and 7% fat
    • Size: 13.5oz (400g)
    • Packaging: Can

    Dafruta Coconut Milk

    Tamarind Ball Candy

    • Size: 8oz (277g)
    • Packaging: PET Container and Cellophane Bag

    Dafruta Tamarind Ball Candy Bag

    Dafruta Tamarind Ball Candy Container

    Ice Pops

    • Flavors: Lemon/Lime, Orange, Cherry, Blue Raspberry
    • Size: (8) 2.5oz pops per bag
    • Packaging: Plastic Tubes

    Dafruta Ice Pops


    • Flavor: with Candied Fruits and Raisins
    • Size: 17.6oz (500g)
    • Packaging: Cellophane in Box

    Dafruta Panettone

    Dafruta Brand Products

    Let the authentic flavors of Brazil inspire you.